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The election has come and gone, the result has been as expected, and now we all need to move on with our lives. Politics in Malta can annoy you, and you probably don’t want to hear about it right now.

But you cannot avoid noting that something has happened that has never happened before: the lowest turnout ever, the highest number of people who stayed at home. There were many who annulled their vote. Also, a large number of votes were given to other parties and independent candidates, including my result being the highest for an independent candidate since 1951.
One in five voters this year has sent a message that they are unhappy with the way things are going.

At the same time, despite this vote, everything has remained the same. The third party, despite a national quota, remains unrepresented in Parliament. Women who did not contest with the PN or the PL, and got more votes than the candidates of these two parties, were still not co-opted despite the gender mechanism, which was worked out in such a way that only the big parties benefited from it.

Life goes on, but what happened in the last election has not gone unnoticed. There are many who are reflecting silently at home, others imagining a ray of hope, which is yet to be seen, in order to exit this situation.

Maybe you didn’t vote, you annulled your vote, or you voted differently for the first time. Or you may have already decided that in another election you will vote differently. I’m interested in hearing your views.

I will continue my political work for the welfare of the country, strengthened by the result I had.
I invite you to speak to me. There’s a lot to discuss and plan together, and I’m sure you have a lot to offer.

Let’s talk!

Il-fehma tiegħek / Your opinion

Il-fehma tiegħek / Your opinion

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